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Classes Offered

Yoga in the Park

Sundays 9-10am

This class is offered in person at a local Park area.  Gentle lead class which includes yogic breathing, meditation and accessible modifications for all asanas.  Perform a series of Yoga poses and stretches that will increase your overall strength and flexibility.  Suitable for all fitness levels.  Please dress weather appropriate, bring your own yoga mat and a blanket/cushion is recommended.


Tuesdays 9-10am

Introduction to Ashtanga Method

You will be guided through the entire standing sequence and most of the seated sequence (as time allows) in a manner suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.  No prior yoga experience is necessary.  Learn the basics of Ashtanga in a safe and supported environment.  Practice the basic technique for breathing and movement (vinyasa), meditative gazing (drishti), and internal energy locks (bandha).


Wednesdays 9-10am

Yoga Drills

Day 3️⃣ of #yoga4growth #yogachallenge i

This class is designed to give you the tools needed to build strength and flexibility while focusing on specific yoga poses.  Expect a challenging class that targets different body parts such as hips, core, shoulders and more!  This class often includes use of props such as Yoga blocks, straps, access to a wall and more.

Yin yoga targets deep connective tissues, like fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones and helps us stretch and lengthen rarely used tissues while also teaching us how to breathe through discomfort and sit with thoughts.

Expect Meditation, Pranayama, Chanting, & tapping practices alternating each week.  This is a yoga practice involving mental focus and breathing techniques to train our body to move optimally, not just while on the mat but also in everyday life.  Holding poses longer gives us space to turn inward and tune into both mind and physical sensations.  Become more aware of your body and sensations as you progress through these sessions. The last 15-30 minutes of class are dedicated to complete relaxation while bathing in the vibrations of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls.

Yin YoGa & Sound Healing 

Thursdays 9-10am


Saturdays 7-8:30am

Ashtanga Half Primary


In this 90min class, students will learn the basics of a led Ashtanga practice including breath, drishti, and proper vinyasa count. This class is suitable for beginners with previous yoga experience as well as anyone with an existing Ashtanga practice. Students will be guided through half of the poses in the Primary Series with additional instruction and modifications provided so the practice is accessible to all.

This class is highly recommended before attending any Mysore practice.

Private Lessons

Ashtanga Primary Series


This is a private class, available by appointment only.  Available in person or over a private zoom meeting.  This is an opportunity to dive deeply into the ancient practice of ashtanga. You will be guided pose by pose, starting with sun salutations, standing poses, seated sequence and closing asanas. We will work our way slowly and steadily through the entire primary series standing sequence at a pace comfortable for you. No prior yoga experience is necessary. Learn the basics of Ashtanga in a safe and supportive environment. Practice the basic technique for breathing and movement (referred to as vinyasa), meditative gazing (dristhi), and internal energy locks (bandha). You will receive one one one guidance to break down each posture and modify for your needs. This beginners class includes an introduction to the Ashtanga method style of learning and personalized guidance along the way.

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