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Healing with Yoga Challenge

Have you wondered why every new year, we make resolutions that we give up on quickly, and promises we usually don’t keep?

This year let’s choose to focus on our own healing and taking responsibility for our own personal wellbeing.

Join us at the start of 2022 Jan. 1st-7th as we discuss and contemplate 7 lessons that through the lens of yoga can help lead us to a path of lifelong wellness. 

I know, in my own experience, the journey to healing can be long and isolating but it doesn’t have to be.  Yoga gives us tools we can use to overcome, in order to create lasting change and thrive as individuals. 


Let’s support ourselves and each other as we share our experiences  along the path of healing

Cat and cow pose

Day 1 - Cat/Cow

Lesson: If a memory stirs heavy emotions, write it down.

Journaling Prompt: How are you unkind to yourself, how do you self-sabotage?       What support can you offer yourself? 

Creative outlet: Express yourself - paint, color, write a poem, sing a song

Boat pose

Day 4 - Boat/ core strength

Lesson: Pain can be an incredible teacher.

Journaling Prompt: What seemed like a disaster in 2021 but turned out to be great?

Creative outlet: Breathe - count how many seconds it takes to inhale & exhale.  Notice the pauses at the top of the inhale & bottom of the exhale.


Day 7 - Yogis Choice

Lesson: when in doubt; stand up straight with your shoulders back and a proud chest.

Journaling Prompt: How can you honor and invite curiosity into the process of learning about yourself? 

Creative outlet: Feel & release - name 5 things you absolutely love about yourself

Plank and downward facing dog

Day 2 - Plank/Downdog

Lesson: Place the oxygen mask on yourself before assisting others

Journaling Prompt: How do you steal opportunities and experiences from yourself? What support can you offer yourself?

Creative outlet: Take rest - bathe, gentle stretch, longer savasana

Arm balances

Day 5 - Arm balance

Lesson: The past is gone and so is that version of you.  Staying present is the gift. 

Journaling Prompt: How do you hide or distort things? What support can you offer yourself?

Creative outlet: Focus - light a candle & keep a gentle gaze on it until you have to close your eyes, then meditate on the image with your eyes closed.

Sun Salutations

Day 3 - Sun Salutations

Lesson: Whatever the feeling, let yourself feel it.

Journaling Prompt: What excess do you have in your life? Internally &/or externally? How might loving-kindness, compassion, & forgiveness support you?

Creative outlet: Be mindful - eat, walk, do the dishes “mindfully”


Day 6 - Inversion

Lesson: Most things in life are out of our control. But you can always choose your reaction & behavior.

Journaling prompt: What is one practice you can commit to today that will create a positive transformation in your life?  

Creative outlet: embody fierce self compassion - draw a self portrait, write a letter to yourself, make a delicious healthy meal just for you, give yourself a foot or hand massage.

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