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Hi, I’m Francia, my yogic journey began in 2000 when I became pregnant while coping with alcohol abuse, and childhood trauma; years later ‘yoga saved my life’ from deep depression.  Yoga continues to offer me a change in perspective to deal with mental and emotional turmoil; a way to maintain a strong and healthy body; and a connection to source that guides my spiritual journey.

In 2007 I became a YogaAlliance certified 200hr vinyasa yoga teacher.  I continue to deepen my knowledge by studying other yogic disciplines such as Bikram, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Gentle yoga, Tibetan heart yoga, Kids yoga, Hot flow, and Tantra. My passion for yoga stems from the deepest gratitude for yogas' self-healing qualities.


I founded Ahimsa Wellness Yoga from a rooted desire to create a safe & loving space to help others reconnect with inner knowledge & ancient wisdom in order to begin transforming hardships & limiting beliefs through physical practice, mental exploration & inter-connection. I am a member and practitioner of the Still Water Sangha meditation community; a Meditation coach, a Mindfulness instructor, a Plant-based nutrition specialist, and a certified level II Reiki worker.  


Yoga helped me realize the importance of self-care.  What I have to offer is a chance to look at things in a different way, an opportunity to interrupt whatever self-defeating, and negative pattern you may be stuck in, and introduce the idea that you always have a choice, to be and do something different. 


When we heal ourselves, we help heal our loved ones and everyone we come in contact with by shining a light for those who may be lost in the dark. Yoga was for me that light, my loving husband held the lamp and refused to let me snuff it out with my self defeating thoughts and behavior.  For this, I am eternally grateful to both him and this ancient practice.


This is why I feel I have an obligation to become the best possible version of myself and introduce or help guide others on this continued path of joy, ecstatic love and bliss.

Exhale love, Inhale gratitude

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