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With private yoga lessons, we will zero in on your specific goals.  You will receive personalized instruction based on your health, physical condition and lifestyle.   Private and small group classes are crafted to focus on your specific needs in order to help you meet and surpass your personal goals.

Personalized classes are tailored and will include all or some of the following aspects:


Hatha Yoga

Asana: body awareness, alignment, depth and guidance

Breathing Exercises

Pranayama: explanation, guidance into each breath technique


Dhyana: guided and silent meditation practices, to assist in healing and restorative health benefits

Visualization Exercises

Guided techniques to help reduce stress and improve focus


Work with life force energy by means of gentle touch

During our 8 week on line sessions together, you will learn to use yoga not just as a form of physical exercise to improve flexibility and strengthen your body but also as a way to activate the natural healing processes always present within us and channel these to restore physical, mental and emotional health.


8 weeks of 1 hr Online Sessions:





minimum 3 students

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