Benefits of Corporate Wellness

Enhanced Performance

Increased Energy

Reduced Sick Days

Reduced Back & Neck Pain

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Improved Mental Focus

Improved Energy & Concentration

Weight Loss

Increased Flexibility

Lower Health Care Costs

Yoga is good for everyone no matter what your occupation. Your employees will leave each class feeling relaxed, less stressed, refreshed, healthier and more productive
Choose what best suits your company's needs from a variety of program offerings.


•    Company-sponsored:
 company pays 100%
•    Co-pay: the company and             individual employees split the cost
•    Employee-sponsored:               employees pay for their classes
Promote Employee Wellness

Working in Corporate America, you can’t help but take on stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of disease and health issues in our society today. Give your employees the luxury of letting their stress go by offering weekly yoga classes or other wellness services. 

Programs and events are tailored to include yoga, mindfulness, stress relief techniques, breathwork, meditation and much more.

Sessions and programs are created for your specific group. 

We can also provide corporate workshops and events. 

Contact Ahimsa Wellness Yoga and let us customize your yoga, health, and wellness program today! 

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